[EVENT] The Circus Colossus

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    Event 'Circus Colossus'

    The Rukibuki's Circus has landed in Atreia!

    Within the instance, participants will engage with three bosses and multiple groups of creatures.

    Upon entering, every member of the group will morph into a Khum’gom (a bear), which restricts their abilities to only those predefined for this form.

    Defeat all the three bosses, collect their Keys, and unlock the chests to acquire substantial rewards.

    Gather Circus Tokens from 'Rukibuki' and exchange them for exclusive new Wings!

    * Exchanged at 'Baldrik' located in Sanctum or Pandaemonium.

    *Rukibuki's Circus can be entered through 'Atari' located in Sanctum or Pandaemonium.

    Rukibuki's Circus Info and Guide here

    The Colossal Circus expands through all Atreia and reaches new depths!

    Dive into the most beloved Instances and gather 'Circus Jewel's' and trade them for the Epic 'Lightning Dragon King's' Skins!

    Circus Jewel's can be found in the following instances:
    Beshmundir Temple Hard Mode
    Corridor of Betrayal
    Taloc’s Hollow
    Lower Udas Temple
    Dark Poeta
    Draupnir Cave

    * Exchanged at 'Morcadic Nomad' located in Sanctum or Pandaemonium.


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