[EVENT] The Shugo Tomb

Weekend Event: Bonus XP : x4 | Drop : x2.5
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  • Event - The Shugo Tomb

    The Shugo Emperor's Tomb is fun and challenge instance which players can participate in a group.

    Players must be atleast level 50 to enter and can do it by talking to the Shugo NPC 'Indiana Jonshunerk' located at Sanctum or Pandaemonium.

    Inside, players will face various rounds with bosses and mini-bosses, each with its own unique abilities.

    The players will also face traps that can damage or debuff their characters, so it's important to stay alert

    and plan your next moves ahead.

    By defeating the Shugo Emperor players will be rewarded with valuable loot.

    All available Loot rewards can be found here

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