How to teleport to Recharger

Weekend Event: Bonus XP : x4 | Drop : x2.5
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  • In this Guide players will learn how to teleport to the Recharger zone.

    What is the Recharger?

    The Recharger is a neutral area in which players from both factions are able to practise PvP combat in duels.

    What makes Recharger special is that players are able to instantly reset their Skill Cooldowns & Heal their entire Hp/Mp instantly!

    How can I teleport to Recharger?

    Required Level 55

    To Teleport to Recharger players must first acquire a "Recharger Scroll" from the Web Shop.

    You can easily access the WebShop ingame or in the browser at

    Click the "Recharger Scroll" Category and Click Purchase Next

    After the Purchase confirmation, you will receive the Scroll via Express - claim it to your cube and click on it to begin teleportation.

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