Update notes [06/10/2024] - PvP Event & New PvP Rank system

Weekend Event: Bonus XP : x4 | Drop : x2.5
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    These are the Update notes for [06/10/2024]

    As requested by our players, and in order to provide them with more Open World PvP content, we have organized a new limited Event with focus on increasing OW PvP.

    The Event starts today 10th June and will run until 26th June 2024.

    Silentera's Canyon Chest Hunt

    During the Event, inside Silentera Canyon, players will be able to find a numerous amount of 'Sealed Gold Chests' spread all around the map in different spots.

    Requiring a few hits and with a respawn time of 30 minutes, these Chests are able to be attacked by any player and by doing so players are able to extract some epic loot.

    But be careful! Your character will be vulnerable to attacks from other players, so plan strategically!

    The Chest can be attacked by players who will be dealing 1 dmg per attack.

    Sealed Gold Chests Loot table:

    Violet Flag

    Collect Violet Flags and exchange them for essential items & an Epic new mount Eos' Unicorn

    Violet Flags can be exchanged at the <Violet Rebel> NPC's 'Revolutia' & 'Revola' located at Silentera's Canyon spawn for each faction.


    New PvP Titles

    We're introducing a new change to PvP Abyss Ranks

    Every Monday, the Top 3 players will be earning a TOP customized titled based on their Weekly Kills.

    Top first Highest Weekly Kills

    Top second Highest Weekly Kills

    Top third Highest Weekly Kills

    The titles are automatically assigned and updated every Sunday at 23:59 PM.

    Players who lose their rank below Top 3 will see their titles removed/changed according to their new current Weekly Kills.

    We will be listening to feedback and enhance the system with more features for the future.

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